Vyne Dental Announces Its New, Web-Based Dental Billing Platform, Vyne Trellis

Vyne Dental, a leading provider of revenue cycle, claims management and electronic health information exchange for all-sized dental practices, announced the launch of Vyne Trellis, a comprehensive, web-based, dental billing platform designed to help dental practices improve and manage their revenue cycles, exchange encrypted health information, and determine real-time eligibility of patient benefit coverage levels.

“My personal experience with Vyne Trellis has been outstanding. As I have worked in dental claim submission for more than 10 years, Vyne Trellis has, no doubt, been the easiest and most user friendly one to work with,” Vyne Dental customer Katie Billings, account coordinator at Reed Family Dentistry in Millington, Tenn., said. “I highly recommend any dental office in need of a claims processing program, to use this one. I can’t say enough positive things about this program and what it offers.”

Vyne Trellis offers several new powerful revenue cycle and claims management options to dental practices. The platform’s features include:

An additional benefit is dental practices’ ability to enroll in Vyne Trellis’ Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) Benefits and Features Option. Through it, they receive electronic remittance advice through Vyne Trellis. Available in electronic format, the individual ERAs are populated alongside a patient’s claim in Vyne Trellis, allowing billing managers to easily identify outstanding patient balances.

Vyne Trellis also provides automatic claim status updates, tool tips, and other features to help users understand rejections and take action to correct claims in the platform from virtually any device, anywhere with Internet access. Tooltips help claims managers identify why a claim is rejected and what can be done to correct and reprocess rejected claims quickly and efficiently. Vyne Trellis’ claim search feature allows a practice to locate a processed claim for up to two years after the claim was processed.

One of Vyne Trellis’ most robust new features is its real-time eligibility verification.

Steve Roberts, president of Vyne Dental, says the current limitations for verifying eligibility are tedious, painful and time consuming, yet these verifications are crucial to ensuring the financial success of any practice and enriching patient relationships. Real-time eligibility enables practices to streamline a traditionally fragmented and manual process while improving patient service. Additionally, practices that have access to real-time eligibility are better informed on plan maximums, deductibles, care utilization, and the ability to verify whether certain procedure codes are covered under a patient’s benefit plan.

“Vyne Trellis is an equalizing and landmark revenue cycle practice management platform for any dental practice that desires to improve claims management through real-time eligibility, tracking and monitoring, and unifying claims, attachment and eligibility requirements,” Roberts said. “Vyne Trellis reinforces our mission to deliver the most significant overall value to dental practices nationwide and provide more efficiency, improved financial performance, compliance management, and patient engagement.”

Vyne Trellis is available for a flat, fixed monthly fee and integrates with Vyne Dental’s portfolio of fully electronic revenue cycle management solutions.

For more information on Vyne Trellis, its capabilities and additional customer experiences with the technology, visit www.vynedental.com/trellis.

About Vyne Dental
Vyne Dental is part of the Vyne family of industry-leading information exchange and communication management solutions for healthcare. Vyne Dental helps clients manage their revenue cycle, send encrypted communications, and position their practices to thrive. Vyne Dental solutions deliver greater operational efficiency, financial performance, and improved data protection to more than 73,000 dental practice offices across the US and also partners with more than 750 dental plans and payers for the electronic delivery of claim documentation.

Vyne Dental is continuously growing and always striving to advance the dental industry by providing innovative solutions to improve workflow, decrease administrative costs, and improve reimbursements.

For more information, visit vynedental.com.

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