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Vyne Announces CEO Succession

Vyne, an industry-leading software company providing revenue cycle, information exchange and secure communication solutions across healthcare markets, announces that Steve Roberts, who currently serves as president for Vyne Dental, has been named CEO of Vyne. Roberts will begin his new role immediately.

An experienced business leader who has led Vyne Dental since August 2020, Roberts succeeds Lindy Benton, a decorated healthcare technology leader who has served as CEO since February 2011. Benton will continue to drive the organization’s strategic vision as executive chair of the company’s Board of Directors.

“The best CEOs excel at creating growth culture and building capable teams,” said Roberts. “That is Lindy’s strength, and how she turned Vyne from a small niche product into an extremely well-respected health technology brand, serving both the medical and dental markets. I am honored and excited to step onto the path she laid and lead Vyne into its next phase of innovation and service.”

As CEO, Roberts will lead the company in continuing to develop innovative software serving health systems, payers and dental practices to improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve care. He brings more than 20 years of direct industry leadership experience to the position, having contributed to growth and innovation initiatives at Weave, Henry Schein One and Dentrix.

Vyne currently serves hospitals and health systems, dental offices and insurance payers in the United States through its health information collation, exchange and claims management technology. Uniquely positioned to serve multiple key stakeholders within healthcare, Vyne has made Inc. 5000’s annual list of the nation’s most prestigious and fastest-growing private companies for 15 consecutive years. Under Roberts, Vyne will continue leveraging synergies across its two health tech businesses, Vyne Medical and Vyne Dental, to accelerate growth and facilitate relationships between providers, payers and patients across the full healthcare spectrum.

“Vyne Dental’s differentiated approach to dental revenue cycle software services is generating compelling growth and strong market adoption,” said Roberts. “We intend to bring Vyne Dental’s same level of innovation, growth and expertise to the entire Vyne portfolio by evolving into a next generation medical revenue cycle management  platform through internal development, partnerships and acquisitions.”

Benton, meanwhile, will bring her leadership and business development experience to the Board of Directors, where she will lead the company’s broader strategic efforts.

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Vyne Dental Acquires Operability, LLC, and Its Patient Communications and Engagement Platform, OperaDDS

Vyne Dental, a leading provider of revenue cycle, claims management and electronic health information exchange for all-sized dental practices, announces that it has acquired Operability, LLC, and its OperaDDS patient communications and engagement platform.

With more than 14,000 combined users in the United States, OperaDDS facilitates end-to-end transfer of information between dental practices, provider, and patients via automated email, two-way text messaging, custom paperless forms, and encrypted email services.

OperaDDS automatically texts or emails dental patients with appointment reminders, new or expired electronic forms, and other important communications from their dental provider. In addition to texting or emailing customized, paperless forms for completion, OperaDDS allows patients to quickly complete these forms on the practice’s website, or in-practice via tablet or kiosk.

Dr. Bryan Laskin, the founder of Minneapolis-based Operability, LLC, is joining Vyne Dental as a strategic advisor to ensure OperaDDS’ continued success as it is paired with Vyne Dental solutions, including Vyne Trellis.

Vyne Dental recently released Vyne Trellis(™), a comprehensive, web-based dental billing platform designed to help dental practices improve and manage their revenue cycles, exchange encrypted health information, and determine a patient’s insurance eligibility and benefit coverage levels in real-time.

Pairing Vyne Trellis with OperaDDS creates a unique integration, in the dental space, between the traditional revenue cycle and patient engagement workflows, with the goal of elevating the dental practice-dental patient relationship through robust patient interaction and engagement.

“For the past year, Vyne’s Dental’s mission has been to become a leading provider of fully automated revenue cycle management solutions in dentistry,” said Steve Roberts, president of Vyne Dental. “With the previous acquisitions of Renaissance Electronic Services, LLC, Tesia Clearinghouse, LLC, DSO Data, and now this exciting, new technology, we are one step closer to accomplishing this goal.”

Launched in 2011, OperaDDS has focused on elevating the dental industry by embracing technology and putting patients first.

“I’m passionate about helping doctors grow their practices and improve their patient satisfaction by embracing technology,” said Dr. Laskin, a practicing dentist, technologist, and entrepreneur. “OperaDDS’ innovations are being used by thousands of dental practices across the country, and through this integration, I’m confident that we’ll be able to tackle many more of dentistry’s most significant patient engagement and revenue cycle challenges.”

The acquisition of Operability, LLC further establishes Vyne Dental as the industry leader in end-to-end information exchange and communication management solutions for healthcare, Roberts said. Vyne Dental currently helps more than 74,000 dental practices manage their revenue cycles, send encrypted communications, and position their practices to thrive.

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Vyne Dental Announces Its New, Web-Based Dental Billing Platform, Vyne Trellis

Vyne Dental, a leading provider of revenue cycle, claims management and electronic health information exchange for all-sized dental practices, announced the launch of Vyne Trellis, a comprehensive, web-based, dental billing platform designed to help dental practices improve and manage their revenue cycles, exchange encrypted health information, and determine real-time eligibility of patient benefit coverage levels.

“My personal experience with Vyne Trellis has been outstanding. As I have worked in dental claim submission for more than 10 years, Vyne Trellis has, no doubt, been the easiest and most user friendly one to work with,” Vyne Dental customer Katie Billings, account coordinator at Reed Family Dentistry in Millington, Tenn., said. “I highly recommend any dental office in need of a claims processing program, to use this one. I can’t say enough positive things about this program and what it offers.”

Vyne Trellis offers several new powerful revenue cycle and claims management options to dental practices. The platform’s features include:

An additional benefit is dental practices’ ability to enroll in Vyne Trellis’ Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) Benefits and Features Option. Through it, they receive electronic remittance advice through Vyne Trellis. Available in electronic format, the individual ERAs are populated alongside a patient’s claim in Vyne Trellis, allowing billing managers to easily identify outstanding patient balances.

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