Vyne Dental Acquires Dental Plan Eligibility Software Maker Onederful

Vyne Dental, a leading provider of revenue cycle, claims management, and electronic health information exchange for all-sized dental practices, announces that it has acquired Onederful, Inc., a suite of APIs that connect to hundreds of dental payers companies for eligibility and benefits, claims and electronic remittance advice (ERAs).

The Onederful solution set provides dental practices the ability to efficiently verify patients’ insurance coverage levels, determine eligibility and benefit levels and follow up with payer’s real-time statuses through its API.

Most importantly, Onederful solutions will be paired with Vyne Trellis, a comprehensive, web-based dental billing platform designed to help dental practices improve and manage their revenue cycles and exchange encrypted health information.

Onederful’s solutions connect to more than 240 payers. Its strength lies in its ability to collect eligibility benefit information from payers in a standardized and structured manner no matter the payer’s information formatting or how it is conveyed to practices.

With Onederful, providers receive the same formatted response from payers in the structured manner in which they hope to consume data that otherwise would be an unstructured and copious mess.

By utilizing Onederful’s API ecosystem, dental practice leaders enjoy each payer’s fully digital experience when they service patient plans. The solution’s benefits include patients not receiving a surprise bill, practices collecting payments faster, and payers not receiving phone calls from practices.

According to Stephen Roberts, president of Vyne Dental, Onederful standardizes and files patient eligibility data in a synchronized way no matter the payer, patient, or practice. Similarly, every payer’s data is standardized for the practice so that every patient’s data is in the same format.

“By adding Onederful to the Vyne Dental portfolio, we’re continuing our mission of becoming the foremost provider of fully automated revenue cycle management solutions in all of dentistry,” Roberts said. “Onederful joins a successful roster of innovation, alongside our other, recent acquisitions, including Renaissance Electronic Services, Tesia Clearinghouse, and OperaDDS. With Onederful, we are one step closer to accomplishing this goal.”

By acquiring Onederful, Vyne Dental continues to establish itself as the industry leader in end-to-end information exchange and communication management solutions for healthcare, serving more than 74,000 dental practices.

“Onederful is a special technology that normalizes the response data and maps it into structured fields,” said Vance Taylor, Vyne Dental’s vice president of sales and marketing. “Regardless of how much or how little information a payer gives a practice, that data is parsed, mapped, then rendered in the same format for all payers regardless. So, if I’m tracking eligibility responses, I know exactly where to go to discover exactly the information I need.”

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