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Dental Visits: 10 Myths, Facts & Stats

By Donika Kraeva marketing manager, Dentacoin.

Donika Kraeva

Dental visits… We know we need them and we know all about them. But do we really? Is it true that regular checkups are enough to ensure proper oral health? Are dental X-rays so harmful as they are believed to be?

In a recent DentaVox survey, we checked the awareness of 11,029 respondents globally of popular myths and facts about dental visits. See what they think and how it compares to experts’ statements.

#1: Going to the dentist will always be painful: MYTH

When asked about their first association with a dental visit, a lot of people are likely to think of pain. 13% of DentaVox survey respondents, for example, are convinced that absolutely all dental visits are painful.

Well, going back in time, that would actually be true in most cases. But nowadays, modern anesthesia, medications, relaxation techniques such as aromatherapy, acupuncture, and similar tremendously help combat aching experiences. Above all, remember that the earlier your dentist detects a dental issue, the less painful your treatment will be.

#2: I can go sick to a dental visit without informing the practice: MYTH

The COVID-19 pandemic has really made us think twice about going to work sick. Once considered bravery, this habit is getting more and more related to lack of social culture and care. Over 60% of our survey participants also pointed out that going to your dentist while you are sick without informing them in advance is not appropriate as well.

Interestingly, another 20% do not see anything wrong with that. Experts warn that dental treatments generate aerosols that increase the risk of diseases transmitted by the airborne route – e.g. the flu. If your dentist is informed in advance about you being sick, they can decide whether your treatment can wait or whether they could take additional hygiene measures to prevent contamination.

#3: If I visit the dentist every six months, my teeth will be fine: MYTH

An astonishing 75% of surveyed people believe that visiting the dentist once every six months guarantees perfect oral health. But what about the time between those six months?

Although absolutely crucial, bi-annual dental checkups are not enough to keep your teeth healthy. See the five basic tips for good oral health.

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