Dental Influencers Alliance Attendees Praise Halo Dental Technologies’ Digital Mirror at Annual Get Together

Halo Dental Technologies, the developer behind the much-anticipated Digital Mirror, recently showcased the mirror and its technology to one of dentistry’s most innovative-focused audiences, the Dental Influencers Alliance (DIA 4.0) conference in Dallas, Tex., in April. Reaction to the Digital Mirror was overwhelmingly positive, as countless dental influencers who interacted with the technology said it was beyond compare, “so smart,” and what the industry “has been waiting for.”

Show participants also said of the Digital Mirror:

  • “A unique package: all-in-one light, camera, voice activation, heated mirror, autoclavable, reusable.”
  • “I am a general dentist with a passion for innovation and this is something I’m very excited about… to use as a communication tool for the patient.”
  • “Very clean, minimal, the design language is impressive; I’m excited to see how it performs in the field.”
  • “This is a great idea, so practical.”

At DIA, dental influencer Dr. Chris Ramsey said the Halo digital Mirror is “outrageous” new dental technology, “The technology that’s put into just this simple mirror will blow your mind. My name is going to be number one on the waitlist because this needs to be in my practice, and it needs to be in yours.”

The Halo Digital Mirror heralds a new era in dental instrumentation, redefining patient communication and enhancing oral healthcare delivery. Crafted for innovative patient engagement, this new dental device seamlessly integrates advanced features to elevate patient comprehension about their care during dental procedures.

The Digital Mirror is designed to eliminate disruptions between the provider and patient in the care setting, and to accomplish two primary goals: reduce “noise” during the patient visit and allow providers to spend more focused time with the patient – improving the patient experience and enhancing clinical workflows and data capture.

“We’re thrilled to introduce the Halo Digital Mirror to the world,” said Peter Khoury, co-founder and CEO of Halo Dental Technologies. “It’s not just a mirror, but, we think, a game-changer, designed to optimize patient care and revolutionize the dental experience. Based on what we heard and the reactions witnessed at DIA, we’re confident that we’ve hit a nerve with this technology.”

While at the conference, members of the Halo Dental leadership team unveiled the Digital Mirror to the audience of dental influencers and spoke of the company’s origin story, and how they came to work in the sector and innovate a vital piece of technology that has gone almost untouched for generations.

During the presentation, they featured a video paying homage to previous innovations and dental technology, while calling for a new, bright future led by the Halo Digital Mirror that helps reduce flow interruption during an appointment and empower patients with visual aids.

Halo Digital Mirror features
Specifically, the Halo Digital Mirror offers:

  • Patient Empowerment: Empowering patients with visual aids for enhanced understanding and engagement of their care through images.
  • Image Capture: Streamlining patient education and treatment planning with effortless intraoral image capture.
  • High-Strength Titanium Construction: Enduring durability without compromising on weight and feel that is similar to conventional dental mirrors.
  • Integrated LED Diffused Light and Wide-Angle Camera: Improved fog-free visibility and facilitating detailed examinations.

With these features included, the Halo Digital Mirror is designed to participate in every part of the patient’s clinical journey – from education to examination.

Development backed by dental professionals
Backed by a seasoned board of dental practice professionals, Halo Dental Technologies is committed to pioneering innovation within the dental industry.

“Our vision was born from a desire to enhance patient experiences and streamline workflows in dental clinics,” David Khoury said.

Watch testimonials from dental influencers
Testimonials and sneak peeks from DIA influencer attendees are available through Halo Dental’s Instagram page:

Reserve your Halo Digital Mirror: Join the waitlist
The waitlist for the Halo Digital Mirror opens May 16. For information about the Digital Mirror and to join the waitlist, visit Halo Dental Technologies’ website,

The Digital Mirror is scheduled for delivery in early 2025.

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